So You Want to Set Up Your Own Lottery Syndicate?

An Lottery syndicates have been around for a very long time now; people either set up their own syndicates or join others. Some people do so for fun and some do it because they have a greater affinity for Lottery.

If you’ve ever spoke to your friends and family about setting up a syndicate, you’ll know that to get started, you need to gather your friends and family together.  In the UK, some people choose to buy their tickets online using the UK post.

Whether you choose to use a UK post card, cash to pay for your tickets or Cheques, you should get them in to your safe place.  Don’t forget to mention to your family that this is not a cash lottery, it’s a match and share draw.

Getting started couldn’t be any easier, if you have a friends and family who want to join in, you simply get them to join in.  Everyone enjoys hearing the story of the person that everyone is coming to see and everyone likes to have a wager on the Grand National once a year! Some things to remember by using UK Post Tickets is that you only pay £1 per ticket and if your syndicate wins, you will get a share of the winnings.

Recycled tickets are redeemable at any UK Retailer that sells Your Tickets.

Tickets can be purchased for five years or you can get a new ticket for the same price, if you lose your ticket then you can get a replacement ticket for free.

If you want to join a syndicate, you must have at least 19 people in your syndicate.

Grandolenicate are offering their members some really great incentives for joining them. You can get a 50% discount on their tickets all year with Online Stores and unless the ticket is a pair of 5 of a kind, you only pay 5 pounds to play with. Every week you can get a treat from Grandolenicate, whether it’s a lottery draw, a taster for their online casino or a chance to meet the millionaires.

Lotto syndicate members enjoy a member’s only section where a member is given a particular prize each week. Such as TVs, holidays, vouchers, telephone pole passes and more.

Every week there are two lottery draw sessions and members are given the week’s best chances of winning thanks to their syndicate.

If you want to become a member, just fill in a simple form online and you will receive a full list of the draws that have the best odds of winning including the top prize of £1,000,000.00

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Contrary to some opinions some lottery syndicates do not buy their tickets the same way, in fact some of the tickets are bought by members of Grandolenicate as they are printed on their own random e-lottery ticket numbers.

This means that the tickets are fully random and the players actually win matches and other prizes on top of the ones that they buy.

Online syndicates are impossible to cheat; because each player buys their own tickets as normal. The only difference here if you join a syndicate with numbers that have already won is that the e-lottery computers will use them.